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Server Status
Cronicle: C3
Auth: Offline
Game server: Offline
Server configuration
Rates: 4x4x6x4
Computer: Xeon Core Quad 3.2 Ghz, 16 GB DDR3 ECC Raid 0
Events on the server (last and future)
Damned treasures status: Active
In a pursuit of money and experience people began to break laws, written down in the book "lives". Gods not seeing before such impudence were angered. Damnation and death I began to wait for those who will risk to break "sacred laws". Karik'и, servants Gren Kain'a, assumed a role of the executioners executing a sentence. Mountains of corpses began to fill the most dark caves of Aden. Infinite riches - gold and an armor dared to break the law gradually were saved in caves, while once they weren't picked up by the demigod to Olmer floor person. It should have touched only them as well as it too was damned. The karma which he received - became him a payment for his greed.

Details will be given on the eve of day of carrying out.
Beginning: 21.09.05 in the evening
v status: complete
After great fight of gods and dragons, on the earth there were many demons, all of them were destroyed by the strongest magicians of Aden, but there was one very strong which who couldn't kill, and gods in a cage indestructible that eternally he in it sat ground it, and a key destroyed. Heretics by means of strong magic could recreate a key, unlock a cage created by gods and release "darkness generation". It escaped on the earth and hid. Archangels went down in a trace behind it to find it but everything were prostrate "spawn". Before death Archangels left the signs worldwide and these can determine by signs where the darkness spawn hid. And now if that comes not to kill him the end to all real and the world will plunge into darkness. As it is known that in a "spawn" stomach which Archangels carried many valuable things with themselves......
Details about event at a forum
Beginning: 18.09.05 at 20:00
Sometimes they come back, or & quot; Lord Ishka still wants to revenge" status: complete
Lord Ishka beared great malice against inhabitants of Aden after its army completely crushed in Gludio and he swore to revenge as soon as the successful moment will drop out for this purpose. And here, he solved that this moment came...
But also people too don't doze - scouts again learned about Ishki's plans and you again have time will be prepared for attack reflection.
This time, it was decided to meet Ishki's army midway between Dion and Giran - in Lands of Punishments (Execution Ground).
According to scouts, army you indulge will be in these parts on Sunday, July 3, in the evening approximately at 21:00, but advance parties can appear and a bit earlier.
Business becomes complicated still that the owner Ishki, Antaras, taught commanders of army you indulge to new magic ability - teleportation on small distances of the whole groups. So be afraid of that right in the middle your group can there will be an enemy.

Z.Y. as well as usually - the administration doesn't bear responsibility, if in process эвента you потеряеете % or a thing.
Beginning: 03.07.05 at 21:00
Royal hunting status: complete
Recently hunters from main road started terrorizing peace citizens. Most special cruelty one of them caused a stir. Nepriznany leader of murderersM1x3R, known as the Animal. At last, the patience of the people ran low and the decision to appoint Royal Hunting was made.
Action time - tomorrow, 19.06.05, from 15.00 till 17.00.
Square for game - where the victim will go for an exception of dangerous zones, the hypermarket will give directing helps.
Rates - 20к from the person. The first hunter who has killed M1x3R'and will receive 50% of total amount. The second - 20%. The third - 10%. If the victim never died, it receives 100%.
Everyone can play, but those who didn't stake - can not count on remuneration. They can or help the victim, or hunters. As well as to whom to help is already they will solve.
Rates accepts Corg in Gludio. Simply you buy from it an arrow and according to lists who bought, he learns who will participate.
Beginning: 19.06.05 at 15:00
L2Day status: complete
In the world Aden - there are a lot of surprises and riddles. One of them Is strange letters which can drop out of different monsters in a random way. The chance of loss of letters about 2%, and some letters fall more often, others are more rare. Your task to find and bring together one of three possible words: LINEAGEII, NCSOFT or CHRONICLE. Only 14 possible letters, you can find in the world LineAge: A,C,E,F,G,H,I,L,N,O,R,S,T,II

After you will collect words and address to Event Manager'у in the city you can receive :

LINEAGEII - If you collected everything not obkhodimy letters of this word, you receive: 3 blessed scroll of ressurections, or 3 blessed scroll of escape, or 3 l2day buff scrolls.

NCSOFT - If you collected everything not obkhodimy letters of this word, you receive: 2 blessed scroll of ressurections, or 2 blessed scroll of escape, or 2 l2day buff scrolls.

CHRONICLE - If you collected everything not obkhodimy letters of this word, you receive : 1 blessed scroll of ressurections, or 1 blessed scroll of escape, or 1 l2day buff scrolls.
Beginning: 26.05.2005 at 20:00
Revenge of lord Ishki status: complete
Recently in Dragon Valley it became restless, to indulge the heroes, all the time trying to make the way to a den of the owner of the lord even more often started disturbingIshka - dragon Antaras'y. And last trick of a clan Templars finally I brought the lord Ishka from itself - some people from this clan dared to attack the lord and to wound it.
Angered of Ishka collected army from the subordinates and sent them to attack to Gludio, to the city about which the majority of heroes and those who will be soon heroes wanders...
Investigation reported that army you indulge, and besides very strong (to indulge 50-70 levels), already close and will be on approaches to Gludio on Wednesday, May 18, approximately at 21:00.
Everything to whom Gludio's destiny - on his protection isn't indifferent, and all weak and ailing a request to leave Gludio by the above-named o'clock - not to suffer from you indulge.
Beginning: 18.05.2005 at 21:00

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