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Server Status
Cronicle: C3
Auth: Offline
Game server: Offline
Server configuration
Rates: 4x4x6x4
Computer: Xeon Core Quad 3.2 Ghz, 16 GB DDR3 ECC Raid 0
Information about server

Welcome to one old school community that proudly support a lineage 2 C3 server - Lineage2-classic! After many years working with prelude and harbingers of war chronicle we expand the commmunity with a new project. About server: We managed to extend a C4 server pack to have more functions and security then we enabled C3 protocol on it without major issues. This is the only one C3 server in world with base C4 and our own extender some details else:

Features and fuctions of server:

  • All quest up to C4 working Quest rates are improved
  • Manor system
  • Casttle , War , fortress
  • Seveng sings and catacombs We will reduce the ammount of catacombs
  • Official events like L2day , Medals
  • A grade and C3 all skills working correctly
  • Character balance system Those old cronicles needs little adjusts but with respect to original state
  • Autosoulshot since client protocol is 555 we enjoy autoshoulshot feature
  • Each C3 fuction working fine even C4 ones Note: all stuff from C4 + could not work because client do not support but it can be fixed by client update

Features of the Extensor:

  • Premium System Players with premium status will enjoy more rates and no pk limitations plus colored nickname
  • Offline Trade Offline trade feature
  • No dualbox posible Dualbox is not enabled and not supported :)
  • Autopickup
  • PvP - Clan war Reward System Reward depend of level difference we have protection against tricks
  • Global Market Chat / Global Shout Chat at level 5 players can enjoy this feature
  • Drop system We can add item drop to all Raids , or all monsters
  • Ultra protocol technology Server support any kind of protocols

Currently serviced by a team of server administrators, game masters and tech support. Our team is working every day on the modification and improvement of the server part of the gameplay. We consider and analyze all the wishes of the players server and constantly communicate with players on the forum and in the game.

Our Team:

  • Madocter - Server administrator:
  • GMcrystal - GM:
  • Ekaterina - Support: responsible for conducting wedding ceremonies and ROL events
  • Teoma4y - Brandon - Client Devs: Are them who add , edit mobs , items , skills , terrains
  • danh - Developer: Genious at C++ who did all this posible a old know guru of L2

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