Welcome to a classic Lineage 2 c3 server
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Server Status
Cronicle: C3
Auth: Offline
Game server: Offline
Server configuration
Rates: 4x4x6x4
Computer: Xeon Core Quad 3.2 Ghz, 16 GB DDR3 ECC Raid 0
Files and tools needed to play on our server.

Important if antivirus gives you problems, or you can't loging to game check this Guide

File Size Description
Lineage 2 c3 client 1.89 GB Lineage 2 C3 client Custom. only to play here. *In windows 8 updater may not work , so launch game from system/l2.exe
Torrent Download *Need run updater below... 1.89 GB If dont like mega use p2p protocol to download
Updater 15-03-2015 1 MB Old updater were not working well please install new one if want enjoy updated client
Optional download files and tools
File Size Description
WTFast (antilag) 5,2 MB This program uses a proxy to reduce lag spikes reduce ping by almost 60% great for users from ASIA and far regions.
ZDsoft Gamerecorder 1,9 KB Make videos with hight quality and low size

Those files are uploaded to external websites to avoid server overload

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