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Dedicated wedding Ruslan'y and Wrath'a

This day began as usual. These "bogey", more commonly known as "thick" around toppled one after another. And I certainly got it. Finally I stopped to inspect his wounds and noticed that they disappeared. Behind the laughter rang and a familiar voice said, "Hello." I turned around. Well, of course! That was it!
Hi! How long we have not seen!
We embraced.
-That's because you're sitting in your Gludio, but I also love to travel - her voice just radiated joy. However, as always.
-And you have not changed. Just as beautiful. As a child.
Well, some changes did not immediately see - she twisted in the hands of a small smerchik and dropped in behind me. "Fat" is getting ready to hit me with his cudgel fell, unable to utter a sound.
-By the way, they took me into their ranks BlekFleym.
-Good for you. You learned a lot. Do you remember how you and I were wandering around our village ...
Hunt wolves, fleeing the spiders. Of course I remember. Then he sat down to rest tired under some tree ...
-And talking, forgetting everything.
-The whole world seemed the size of our village and oarestnye forest. If not for you, I would have stayed there. And not met her love. Oh, I totally forgot to tell you! A month later, my wedding. I really want you to come.
-Wedding? .. - My voice treacherously broke, but I tried to pull myself together - you're getting married?
-Yes. I will introduce you. You see, it was amazing.
Who is he?
-Silver Ranger. Members of the Templars. So you come?
-Of course. On your wedding I'll be sure to.
She flock to this elf close, tenderly looking him straight in the eye. Doubt remained - that's it her fiance. First I would like to bypass their party, but she saw me and waved. As I approached, her fiance reluctantly turned. And I found it! Then he saw and emblemmu Templar chest. Long wound on his stomach ached again.
Hey - I said calmly as I could.
-Hello. Signs, is my fiance - she introduced us to each other.
-Very nice. Once we've met.
-Is it? - His voice Ranger - at least I do not remember.
-But I have not forgotten. You've left me a little present on the memory.
I pulled up his tunic, that was seen round scar on his stomach. His face I could see that he remembered me.
-So ... I ... we ordered. Who does not ally, an enemy.
-Of course. It is very light in the spirit of the clan. "We just ordered"
-Stop it, both now! Both of you are dear to me, and I can not see how you fight.
Okay, it's been a long time - I like to be generous. I reached Templar.
I dropped out of the black nothingness right before the temple of Aden. Wow! They agreed with hranitedyami gate. Wanted to go, but I was called. What is he doing here? Why not inside?
-I decided to skip his own wedding?
-No. I waited for you. I would not want others to my fiancee kept me evil.
-Well. At least be honest.
-And I'm really sorry about what happened. The world?
-So we were not at war. Of course, the world.
I held out my hand. At this time, sincerely.
-You do not know his happiness. Take care of her.
-That you really be sure - on his face flashed a sneer.
The hall was full. The audience could clearly be divided into two groups: friends, acquaintances and teammates bride and groom. And those who came to have fun.
I immediately noticed her. Oh, gods! As she was beautiful in her holiday dress. Her hair spilled over her shoulders swayed by the slightest breeze. And happiness. Written on the face of happiness! It's all just a light!
He stood beside. And what had become characteristic of our race finesse? I have seen war, brave ranger. And the same facial expression. Crazy endless happiness! I could not help admiring them. And missed the moment when all the guests parted, forming a corridor.
And now she is going through this corridor. Goes to him.
They stood before the priest. He held her hand as the most expensive and fragile treasure, slowly stroking her little fingers. Both priest listened with half an ear, and almost missed the moment when they had to say "Yes." There were all of their friends, but for them there was no one else. More harmonious pair was hard to pick up.
I listened to his senses and realized that I am truly happy for them.


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