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Reverse raid


-again: throws left and applied thrust. Pierce, not of cutting. Otherwise, you will remain lying and not your enemy.
It was the future of the human boy, he studious, but while his sword uncertainly, and everything had to be repeated several times.
-And if the enemy will reduce the distance so that the thrust is not applied?
Then you throw the sword and enemy gnaws throat - he has started to annoy me a bit.
-I am not an orc! - Troubled boy.
-If I say, so you and I will dwarf. You must learn to work in a team. So, unconditionally obey the commander.
My lesson interrupted by another man entered the room. Unlike my student, he was a warrior who has seen a lot in his lifetime. It was the leader of our clan.
-Come, - he said shortly boy. When in fact crept door continued, turning to me.
-You will lead a squad - our leader liked to go directly to the point, without predeslovy - forests announce gang of robbers. If you bring them zhivimi or dead, it will raise the status of our clan. Especially, we have bills to them.
-I remember. How is our wizard. Recovered.
-Already out of danger. But not keep the same every ... - he hesitated, choosing his words. Our leader never cursed.
-Who will you give me?
-Vizard was injured onions. Take archer. Another knight Palouse cleric. I can not give more. We all counts. Good luck, the destroyer.
I went into the room where my small force was already waiting for me. Waved cleric and archer exchanged salute dark elf knight.
-You already know? What are the considerations?
Les large, we will have to look for them for a long time, - said the knight.
-So, we must make sure that they found us - put cleric.
Good. Let the rumor that we went on a raid. And then we'll wait for them to attack us. Gather. We leave at dawn.
We walked through the woods listening to the slightest rustling. Knight ahead, I zamykayushy.
Some doubt caused archer. He was a nice guy, already passed the entrance exam at the school scouts, but there took 20 years. He was only 19. So he did not know how many useful things to know how scouts.
Cleric. In battle, he is hiding behind the soldiers and continuously disinfect them. As well as giving force. This is his specialty and I respect that. We got experienced.
Our knight in the future wants to become a dancer. But even now he works brilliantly with sword and dagger.
I - the destroyer. I can take the hit, he can wield a heavy sword skillfully enough. Much in the battle does my battle cry. I participated in the war with the elves, in a time that many have forgotten. After the war a long time lived a simple life, not typical orc. Was too big a shock defeat.
We go for a second day, and no one else.
But finally, here it is! On the way out of the forest came ork. Even from a distance it was clear that this seasoned killer. Empty their eyes are. They should not be confused with anyone.
-Where are we going, dear? - He asked insolent voice.
Archer reacted instantly. Just do not take into account that the orc was dressed in fine armor, which is needed for the bow scout. Arrow struck the plate breastplate and fell to the ground.
"Fyut! Fyut!" - Two merging into one sound. And already from the chest archer cleric sticks an arrow. Archer. One? Or two?
First, deprived us of those beats in the distance. Now think that we shot without loss. We'll see.
"Fyut! Fyut!" - It is already in us with the knight. I dodge, Knight beats boom Dugger. Then runs wagging from side to side, making it difficult to sight, to hit the road archers. Elves and humans. And came out of the woods yet another man on the go bugging heavy sword. And all faces all the same print killer. Poor.
After several unsuccessful attempts to get into a knight elf ran to a safe distance, and the man dropped his bow and took out a book.
It's not an archer, a magician! - I shout. Publish battle cry, from which leaves trembling on surrounding trees. People lose themselves for a moment. But it was enough to knight reached the magician and pierced his throat. The second man rushed to the dark elf with a fierce cry. Orc went to me.
Remember pro-archer! - I cried just in case the knight and focused on his opponent. I took the sword, he knuckles. A few seconds we were doing fraudulent attacks, and I had all the time to make sure that the orc was between me and the archer.
Finally he have benefited moment and rushed to me. To strike with the sword, I could not, so threw it and did what, three days ago I was talking to the kid needs to be done-the man, biting the throat killer grabbed before it hands the knuckle. Orc yelled. He had to let go of cassettes to put me off. Now we were in the same position.
Before he come round, I knocked him down, pinned to the ground and began to wring his head back until there's something snapped. His eyes became even more empty than they were. I looked like a case of the knight. He did not need my help. Elf squatted beside the body of man covered with a variety of cuts. At Knight without a scratch. He looked at Archer's killer.
-We did not catch it, - he whispered to me.
-We must catch up - a voice cleric. Wow, he was conscious. I turned to him. Cleric weakly waved his staff and fell unconscious ... I felt a lightness in the body, strength in the legs.
-Stay here with them, I'll catch up with him - I said the knight, taking his sword. Archer killer seems realized that something was wrong, that I'm running too fast for the orc. He sprinted his legs. But I was far enough away ... This technique we used during the war with them. I threw his sword, he pierced through the elven thigh.
They're still alive! Both! I'll get the arrows! - I heard a cry knight.
Do not you dare! Came true.
We prisoner came to the battlefield.
-What did you do his bow?
-Our archer quite unlucky. We must hurry, can not endure.
-That's all you! - I moved his sole surviving murderer.
No, this is it! - He pointed to a human mage.
-Yeah, you mean the cleric! More you bow in his hands will not hold!
I squeezed his left hand. Elf moaned. Arm hung limply.
-I will run to the nearest village, while the spell is still active - I said, taking the hand of the archer and cleric - and you will bring a this.
Good. Wounded, he will not escape from me.
I ran fast as never ran. I just explained to his disciple. Listen commander - not important in teamwork. The main thing - mutual assistance, the willingness to give his life for his friend.
I ran, trying not to shake his friends. Well, the elves are so light. I needed time ...


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