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"The inhabitants of the world Aden Do you, those who have become heroes. you, those who are only looking for their way. Come today in the glorious city of Giran and show what you can do" - his voice was heard from heaven Herald.
Hear it everywhere: in cities and villages, ruins and forests.
I hastened to Gludio to ask the Herald, when it began. Never before had I participated in tournaments, and I wanted to try just bought a bow.
-Start? You do not have time to start in Giran, young elf, - told the Herald, is just me, not the entire Aden - I cry all day of the tournament, it is strange that you have not heard.
Of course! Next to me all day today was such a hubbub that I even thought not always heard ...
Do not worry. I provide young heroes Gates - he said and waved.
I have dark eyes ... Or is it the world darkness fell? Lost sense of space. I do not know where the top, where the bottom. I was left with only the touch, and I hugged her quiver, so he did not fall out of the boom.
This feeling did not last long. A moment later I found myself near the arena, next to the city. "Giran" - I understood. Looking at the quiver, I saw that part srel still spilled. Nothing should suffice. Hopefully.
-Persons under 20 years, to apply - I heard a voice Herald, and then saw him. Came to see?
I went to the tournament organizer and called himself.
-So, elf warrior, 17 years - he looked at me with a look without emotion, - wait for the start.
After some time, the Herald, who gets next to the organizer, shouted that the person who filed the application, may enter the arena.
I went out and stood in the middle, looked at the audience ... And saw no one who would be less than 20 years! All were wise experience, seasoned life. They looked at me approvingly and a little bit mockingly. Apparently, remembered himself at my age. Here Templars! I've never seen so many of them at once! They stood shoulder to shoulder. Proud, confident. Looked at me. I politely bowed to them. Some nodded in response.
I searched the crowd potential opponents and did not find. Aha! Here's one. Necromancer. Uh-uh, yeah, I know him. Forever underfoot, prevents trenerovat. Once in the hearts I threatened him with violence. Apparently, he remembers it. Therefore, hiding in the back row.
-Wait a minute, if no one comes out, then announce the winner of it - I heard, as the organizer said the herald.
I stood there, playing a bowstring. My right hand has long since turned into one continuous mazol. Now it closed glove - a gift of a former Templar.
Winner-defined - Herald called my name.
-Come for a reward, - said the organizer.
I approached, bowed his head, and he hung on my neck pendant.
I thanked him, but he seemed to have forgotten about me. Emotion overwhelmed me. On the one hand, I recognize a winner, on the other hand ... Yes, an easy victory, but also the satisfaction from it is not complete.
Going beyond the arena, I have considered your prize. One pendant I already have. Also present. He protects me from the magic of zombies. And what is this? I held it in your hand. Next to me there was a pillar of light in which there was a wolf. After a moment I realized that this is my prize.
Wolf flippers to me, recognized me as the host. In his Lazy Read all: crazy love, the desire to play (he was young), and ready to die for me.
-Good, good - I kept saying patting his face - a good ... Cornet.
More than I do here was nothing. Last glance at the arena, I saw a Templar, magic paralyzed his opponent, his senior year at 5. Templar now plunged him all his magical arsenal. Mentally wished him luck, though no doubt in his victory.
Competing with his dog, I went to Gludio.

© Skeeph

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