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Cronicle: C3
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Rates: 4x4x6x4
Computer: Xeon Core Quad 3.2 Ghz, 16 GB DDR3 ECC Raid 0
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I came in this world one of the first, and absolutely did not remember anything - who am I from? To somehow call themselves, took the name Celcia (just liked the sound of the combination of these letters). For several years I wandered alone ... rarely, once every few years meeting the same single as I do. Was a very strange world in which I got - all ruins, monsters at every turn, empty city with strange inhabitants ...
Wandering, I spent several years in a clan Mercenaries, based other drow - Merlin'om ... then left when I realized that I needed something different ... lighter.
Some time later, I met a magician, a light elf, with a strange name A114U. Although our race has long been related to each other to put it mildly hostile - this elf attributing to me a very friendly and offered to work together to find adventure on his head. What we were doing about 10 years. Where we just were not together - the first to explore the ruins and Agony Ruins of Despair, the first were in the Lands of punishment ... but where we do not only have wandered these 10 years ...
After a lapse of 18 or 19 years from the time I came in this world - my friend A114U just disappeared ... I've been searching for it, but no trace ...
Passed a year or two. One day, walking past the town of Gludio I met a man named palad1n, who spoke to me like an old friend by the name. As it turned out - it was A114U, his soul is reborn in this body. At first I did not believe it but I recounted all of our adventures, even such details - which no one but the two of us did not know.
Once again we continued our adventures. palad1n founded clan Templars, which I entered, as its charter was to my liking. Gradually, we entered into the clan and other adventurers and we all fought together, explored the world, helped each other than they could ...
Somewhere after 30 years in this world to me back some memories of who I was before got into this strange world. I remembered that I come from Nippon (this world or country - I could not remember) and my real name - Hikari, which is the native language of the world means "light." Still remembered what I was doing in my world - I was fighting a dancer, my dances with swords inspired fellow with a vengeance destroy enemies.
Remembering all this, and I decided to repeat this world this way and be a help for the good of their teammates.
Long or short, but 40 years after the appearance in this world - I was again able to return BladeDancer'om and bring tangible benefits to his comrades.
Years went by, one by one - I remembered more and more skills became stronger ...
For 47 years I wander through this world and I'm at a crossroads again - what a way to go on ...

be continued (maybe) ...

© Gaikotsu

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