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Good Monk

Fire and strength! Power and fire! Two components of our race. Once we are born warriors. This is our calling. War - the art, and we, the orcs - its artists.
In combat, I am cold, calm and precise. Rather, I can be. In the sacred rage, sent by him our father Pa'agrio also has its own charm. Boiling in you feel the blood rush to the enemy and, feeling his fear. Only undead have no fear. But they do not really help.
I remembered today. Spectra were some sluggish, and not even very dodging.
I had to visit a few people in Gludio. Business. Of course, if it was just a business would send a gnome. These kids are so desperately traded, they can negotiate even your underwear. But then you had to politely remind debtors about expired. Therefore, the leader of our clan has sent me. But I still do not like doing it, so I'm in no hurry.
A-ah-ah-ah-ah! - Suddenly came to me thin voice. So screaming woman. Or elves. Well it is. After a moment on the hill appeared elf. And behind it ... I felt themselves compressed my fists. Because of this, our race offspring dislike. And some hate. Wild orcs. Three.
And to say something in response when you have nothing to indicate "your brothers, robbing Roads"
What they gave me brothers, Ishka their Rend! Antares they shit and not brothers!
I lay down in the grass and began to wait for the procession. Not so much out of hatred for nedoorkam much pity for the elf. Prirezhut because, milksop.
Took his faithful knuckles. I love not just melee and fight when closer once already. When you can smell your enemy. The Smell of Fear.
First nedoork - well, do not dare call them orcs - has overtaken the elf. Even a little bit, and he broke his spine to his sword.
At this point, I rushed forward, jumping bandit knocked down and struck a blow to the head wooing. Even if I did not have brass knuckles, he would have not risen. Out of the corner of his eye, the second is that puts me a sword. Punch! I managed to cross the knuckles and pinched his arm. Pulled out his sword and slashed him with a reversal in the throat. Not paying attention to how he croaks and gurgles I went to the third. He lunged at me. More precisely, we tried. His sword flew into the side. And I myself, already giving vent to his rage, began to shower his blows, until he stopped moving.
Slowly walked over to the elf. And I heard, what did not expect:
-Why did you save me?
I barely kept swearing.
-You? I'm not saved. I'm just hungry, and the elves are very bony.
He became even whiter than it was.
-Yes, I'm kidding, just kidding. I civilized orc, not that these.
-Would you say that they would have eaten me?
-They? No. They took you for a woman. With all its consequences.
I laughed out loud. Elf also chuckled uncertainly.
How they caught you, bro? You guys are nimble.
-That - he said something to blame and stretched leg. Just noticed that his legs sticking out of the boom.
And as we give them the war was lost, I'll never know? Ah, yes, it's all magic. Our relatively new to learn it. Until then relying solely on physical strength.
Case-reparable, - I said. And before he could understand something pushed the arrow shaft is broken, pulled chip. Then he took out a bottle of red liquid and poured it into his mouth. Rana immediately tightened.
-Do you have any armed?
-Yes. He pulled out a small dagger of bad iron.
-Found proud. I am so in the teeth poking around in the afternoon. And what do you want in the village its not sit? Wanted to see the world?
Elf silent.
Okay, let's go. So you spend to Gludio.
-Thank you for everything. I can take.
He ran down the road. Well, where these elves hurry all the time. Want to show what they are frisky? Nothing was said during the war: "Do not you catch up with the elf, so your knife."
I walked down the road to Gludio.

© Skeeph

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