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Unknown aspects of Aden war elves and orcs

What an amazing night! The moon had gone, not a cloud in the sky, and the world covered the night. We brown elves love her. When darkness falls, we maintain visual acuity. I can see in the dark, and my opponent is not. Night - our time.
I listened to the night sounds. Chirping crickets, sometimes Ukhalov owl. In the distant river roared. Sweet music to my ears. I breathed clean air. This day there is no air. You can always lie down and enjoy the darkness, but prevents one piece of scenery. Lit bonfires Fort punitive detachment orcs.
Our victory in this war is not no secret. Just a matter of time. Orcs And finally decided to punish us. This group had to bypass Fields, get into our rear. What will they do next - is unknown. Can attack the army from the rear, which is unlikely. People quickly find and neutralize them. Rather, they wanted to pass on to our villages, killing women and children. And we would go back into the empty, burned down villages. Orcs like fire.
I felt that skriplyu teeth and immediately stopped it. Any noise may unmask.
A month ago, our scouts first saw this squad. Since then, his every move was known to us. One order, and people would bring us their heads. One order and our mages would not have left them even memories. But our king saw a political motive to use neither the one nor the other. Not just orcs said that if it were not for magic and an alliance of people, the outcome of the war would have been the opposite. Yes, it is. Therefore, these orcs had to crush us. Elf warriors. Brown and wood. No people, no mages. Of course, the loss would be incomparably greater, but it is high politics.
Of course, the fact that we did not take with him magicians, did not prevent them how to work with each of us. Until the morning we will be stronger, faster, more accurate than usual.
Next to me fell, striking me in the ear, a small pebble. Signal! Without taking his eyes from the fort orcs, I almost got up and waved his hand, straightened dagger again disappeared into the grass and crawled. Immediately behind me crawling the same invisible shadow.
Orcs positioned its strengthening on a rocky river bank. On the other hand - an open place without trees. But the grass is high enough, so we crept up unnoticed. From the river, they did not expect an attack. Who will surprise them! We crept slowly. Haste is not needed here. Turned clockwise - freeze, time went the other way - move a little forward. I knew what was going into the river, a little above include Rangers wood. Gaining the air in the lungs trenerovat dive ...
Finally we crawled almost to the fort and froze. Everything is targeted so that the Rangers should already be in place. A second breast bound fear. Orcs - warriors from birth ... What if they are waiting for us now? What if ...? No! Forget the fear! Otherwise I'm lost in advance. I took several deep breaths. If you die, go to the Elder. That's all. Surprisingly, I managed to calm myself.
That's it! Water Splash! Started!
I would have given a lot to see it! But I've seen it many times on Training, so I clearly understands what is happening at the other end of the fort. According to the team the Rangers cut the ropes tying them with stones. Without stones, we can only dabble on the surface. The water column with the force pushes them. They fly like birds, right on the wall of the fort. Raise their bows and arrows orcs inundated.
It is. I've heard the desperate cries of the fierce orcs powerless to do anything. I imagined how the Rangers shooting, dodging shots rare response. Orcs had one way out - to leave the fort. Go to where they were waiting for brown.
Gates opened, releasing their leftovers. It balances the Rangers have coped with the task.
Time to hide over! Brown jumped up without waiting for the team, and rushed to the orcs. This was also unexpected for them. In the first few seconds they just lost. One orc I drove the blade between segments armor. After such wounds do not survive.
Also orc screams and shouts were heard elves. As I expected, no loss has not done. I was in the heat of battle, the fear was gone. I'm not even afraid of healthy orc with a huge sword that slashed in half before that one of my companions. Just took stronger dagger. Speed ??- our trump card in the battle. Moving quickly, intercepting blade forward and reverse grip, I struck several blows orc. And I realized that my efforts are futile. He was dressed in the best armor gnomes! His head covered helmet. I was just powerless. Noticing rushing at me sword, the only thing I could do is substitute your dagger. Mitra weathered steel dagger orc sword and steel is not touched my belly, I wanted ork. But the enormous force of the impact threw me aside. I banged his head against a tree, and the night took me to their open arms.
-Well, how do you think he will survive?
-Since it is all right, Your Majesty. Clerics tried. Only until after the concussion, his weapon in the hands to hold. He was lucky. He killed five orc daggers before my Rangers killed him. It was dotted with arrows like a hedgehog needles!
-Don't details. Now it will take for people. They will end this war ... Brown fellows. Shlestnutsya melee orcs ... This is not to shoot them from afar. Okay, no offense.
-No way, Your Majesty. I fully agree with you.
-Come on, let's not wake him up.
Low-brown rarely sleep. Night they love.

© Skeeph

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