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Dedicated Templar

They think that no one would dare to stand in their way. They think that there is no force able to stop them, that light does not exist as such. We will not dissuade them. We prefer to act.
Power and superiority!

They have long been expected. Humans and orcs, dwarves and elves. They shared only one. Clan. Bright clan. For them it was not an empty phrase. That's why they were expecting the arrival of the forces of Darkness.

On a rock in front of a man was sitting, a treasure hunter, with short blond hair, thoughtfully carving Dugger sparks of another stone. Regular features of his face said that sometime in his family were light elves. He sat in front, as befits a leader. He had a formidable look who cheated many who did not know him a cheerful disposition. Those who know him better, too, could be misled. He never disdained power solution. On his hands many times was the blood of the Dark.
To his right stood the mighty orc. Playing with nodules on his hand, he stared into the distance. When the battle begins, it overshadowed their leader. Orc little dangerous swords and arrows. Besides the thick skin and powerful muscles of his body armor protected the best made ??clan dwarves. When the battle begins, it will take the brunt of themselves. And begin to crush the skulls and bones of enemies.
The left and slightly behind sitting on the ground haired prophet. Few could compare with him in the magical power. So he prezeral artifacts increases magical power. He liked arms warriors. Now he was holding a bizarre bow. His magic makes allies stronger. And his presence in the battle means a lot.
Behind them lay orchiha charming, tucked under the head a bunch of hair gathered at the nape. She had a good character, unlike most of her fellow harsh and loved in their spare time to help the young heroes. Even through paranzhu, zakryyvayuschuyu her face, it was obvious that she was smiling. It seemed that now she does not think about the battle. Why? For now, all is quiet. That's when it's time, then it will rush into the midst of the enemy, using equal physical strength and magic.
She talked quietly sitting next to a dark elf, holding in each hand a sword. Beautiful certain demonic beauty, it is not perceived their opponents seriously. Yet did not take up arms. Everyone knew that it was fair and equitable, and often referred to her with a request to judge the dispute ... When elf begin their dance of death, her enchanting blades twist into a vortex. In the meantime, she was very calm.
Leaning on a sword stuck in the ground thought about something the youngest member of the clan. Jr. among his comrades, but not the last warrior of the world. His body was unusually strong for an elf. After all, his weapon was a heavy sword. Recently, he has mastered a new skill. Now during the battle allies hear his invigorating battle songs.
In the back row were mixed mages and archers - a human woman, and three elf elf. Rangers were a little tense. That they have to warn everyone of the impending danger. Therefore, three Ranger gazed keen elven eyes in the distance. Fourth from time to time looked at her ring and smiled. Home waiting for him pretty wife, and he was sure that he has to go back. He had something to protect interests other than the Light.
Magee prepared elves, dark and light, people, battle mages and wizards healing - they laid the book with the right spells - in battle they will be enough to glance - did test passes hands and staffs. Brown hardly imagined with what danger they will face in their face.
Aside from all the lively conversation and two dwarf gnomihi. They have always been the case other than war. They did not care about the battle. Fight - not their specialty. But they will be connected, if necessary. Two gnomihi looked at the world through the eyes of large clean, full of naivety. Maybe it's their trick, maybe they really are. Anyway battle axes both kept very skillfully. Looking at the same gnome, there are no doubts in his danger. From it came a palpable threat and fight thirst. Chances are, when the time comes to fight, he would be ahead of everyone in their desire to make war.

Brown back, but they have someone to meet. After all, they are waiting for them.
Power and superiority.

© Skeeph

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