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Clans, what is it and why do we need this?

Each online game has its own name groups of players, for example: Guild, Union or Clan. In Lineage2 these groups are called "pledges". Similar meaning word in russian language is "clan".

How does it work (clan)?
Among the clan can only be one leader. Leader can decide whether he will manage the clan (make decisions, recruit new members, etc.) individually, or will give some powers/authority to other members.

c Creating a Clan.
Any character above level 10 can create a clan.Fot that You need to find the relevant NPC . Clan name may consist from no more than 16 letters and numbers and can not contain spaces and special characters. Clan consists of leader and members. New clans can take in their composition is not more than 10 members. Eventually, through the development, progress and obtains of new skills, clan may eventually expand to the 40 members.

Leaving from the clan.
Clan member can leave his clan with the consent or without the consent of the clan leader. If the leaving is carried out with the consent of the leader, then it occurs immediately and the character can immediately start another clan. If the leaving is taken without consent, need 5 calendar days to the opportunity to join another clan . In any case, departed clansman can arrange their own clan without waiting for this term. On the other hand, If clan was fully staffed (before a voluntary leaving), then the leader can not to accept new member (before the expiration of the same 5 days). If the leader leaves the clan, the clan is automatically dissolved.

The leader may dissolve the clan without the consent of the members. Decay is carried out same as creating - same NPC. Clan Leader repulpable gets a penalty (loss of experience points/comparable to one death), and can not create new clan during 10 days. Moreover, decay clan-process takes 7 days. Clan can not be dissolved while at war with another clan.

Clan Skills.
Skills obtained during special quests. If a clan carries available quest, it gets a new level of skill. The possibility of organizing expanding at each new level .

Clan wars.
Requirements: Only clans level 3 and above can declare war on another clan, which consists of not less 5 members. War can not be declared to clan-alliance. Clan, which is currently involved in a war, can not declare a new war, but it can accept challenge from other clans.

Declaration of war.
At the time of the declaration of war both leaders should be in the game. To declare war need to use tab "clan" at "action" menu. The battle becomes possible after the opponent accepts the challenge.

Over the head of each clan member is visible symbols of his clan. You do not need to press Ctrl, to attack the enemy during the war. Until the end of the war - allowed unlimited PK (Player Killing) against members of enemy clan. Guards - NPC do not interfere in your affairs. Players who were killed in the war, receive the same penalties as for death in other circumstances. A player may surrender the enemy, but it receives the same penalties as death. Clan can not be dissolved during the war.

End of the war.
The war terminated in the following cases:
- The leader of one of the clans killed (captured)
- One of the clans surrendered.
- One clan offered peace - took another.
- All members of the clan, except leader - surrendered

Whatever the result, any clan, which declared war and accepted the challenge, can not declare a new war sooner than 5 days.
If a clan surrendered, leader gets a penalty equal to the experience for the death penalty.

Information about own clan.
Information about own clan or clan-ally can be obtained through a window in the clan-interface. In this window, you can see: name of the leader, clan level, the current statistics, the membership of the clan and the levels of its members.

Information about another clan.
Here you can see only that the leader has made available.

Clan levels.
Clan level necessary membership what is possible
0 level of leader 10 10 Accept new members
Expel members
Dissolve the clan
Manage the clan chat
1 30k SP 650k aden 15 Use the clan warehouse
Owning land
2 150k SP 2.5kk aden 20 Participate in auctions of real estate with the consequent possibility of buying a clan-hall and its modernization
3 500k SP Proof of Blood (drop from Bloody Queen) 25 symbolism of Clan (clan symbols)
Possibility of declaring war
Increase clan warehouse
4 1.4kk SP and complete the quest Proof of Clan Aliance 30 Participation in sieges / Castle Defense
Installing the military camp
Castle management
Castle modernization
5 3.5kk SP and complete the quest Pursuit of Clan Ambition 40 Conclusion and termination of alliances

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