Madocter: Welcome to the little website
Dead-Maan: shout
masC: how many players on the sever ?
Madocter: Hello server still offline , will reopen day 25 !
fuze: how many people online?
illustral: is srv alive?
Madocter: Hello im the admin server is online but only for me
Madocter: Because i need doing some test and deployments before open. the day 25 will be online for all. thanks
player: is server online?
Madocter: hello , opening will be delayed 1 hour . sorry
player: auth server says online but cant register new account
Madocter: Server online you can create account now
pep: Can someone paste me system link, please!
Aragorn: client crashes. only chinese working. i need system fowlder?
namadoko: Hello aragorn download our updater and run it it should create system folder and other folders needed
VDR: what are the server rates?
namadok: X4
Shyeed: How much players online??
Shyeed: How much players online??
Shyeed: Anybody here?
aqua: Hello! Not sure about online, but also looking for info