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Server Status
Cronicle: C3
Auth: Offline
Game server: Offline
Server configuration
Rates: 4x4x6x4
Computer: Xeon Core Quad 3.2 Ghz, 16 GB DDR3 ECC Raid 0
Welcome to Lineage 2 C3 server
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 07.07.15: Server reopening ! 25 - 07 - 2015 .  

We are almost 1 year providing c3 experience time to relaunch project

Registration will be disabled until reopening day
Old characters will not be wiped . plus their adena and items will persist
Meanwhile reopening try have some fun at pvp-test server but better you can participate on Advertisement Event. to bring even more people

 25.12.14: Server finally online: 25 - 12 - 2014 since 12:00 AM GMT+01 Madrid!.  

After almost 4 months of testing and hardwork this project is released

If someone have any problem to loging or need help installing game dont doub to contact me via forum , chatbox , or skype: madocter
This opening i'll be around doing live recordings check it Live broadcast.
Don't forget about advertise us in your free time , you can win geat prizes Advertisement Event.

 15.07.14: Beta testers come to me !.  

Server alpha will be online meanwhile players and staff end to test and determine bugs and stuff that we must change or update please

Is important that many people try client , and test all server functions as they can like hardvesting , quests... in brief everything. also is important determine what stuff from c4 we keep or trash
leave your comment about beta Here.

 15.07.14: About this project.  

Okey this is the new website as you can see i have recovered it from archive of the year 2005 is very beatifull and appropiated for this server. Im doing edits but keeping its structure even old articles

I Would like to request help from community i need Gamemasters . Web-server-client developer . Russian translators I dont have problem to pay to translators for his time

To more information about those jobs please add me to skype: madocter and check GM aplication topic Here

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